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P1120489You can email David at:

David’s mailing address is:

Elder David Brenton Burt
Brazil São Paulo North Mission
Avenida Nova Cantareira, 1146 fundos
02330-001 São Paulo – SP

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2 thoughts on “Contact David

  1. Oi Elder Burt!
    I was thinking of your family this morning and had to check your blog. Happy Belated Birthday! What an amazing story of following the Spirit when you knew it was NOT the time to set a baptism date-yet. That’s a great experience! Hooray for following the Spirit- even when you don’t know exactly why! My family and I arrived in Houston, TX two weeks ago where my husband will be doing another year of medical training. Moving our family half way across the country seems like a crazy decision for us to make, and we didn’t know exactly why we are doing it, but we know the Spirit led us here. I have never regretted following that still small voice. I wish you and the new family you just baptized the best. Eat a plate of fejuada for us, and keep working hard! You will reap so many blessings!!
    Sister Christensen

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