This will be my last area.

From July 25, 2016

My email starts with last week’s baptism.

We helped Nathan get baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday. He had real desire to be baptized and it was a real test of our faith that his baptism went through. There were various things that could have gone wrong and impeded him from being baptized, but by the hand of got, everything went well.



IMG_6591I was transferred from Vila Angelica, Trujillo stake to Jardim Modelo, Jaçanã stake—a stake where I have already lived. First time this has happened. It was cool to have seen people from the past and a few recent converts that I helped to be baptized. Sunday was a big reunion at church, hahaha. The Guapira ward uses the same chapel.


IMG_6645My companion is Elder Torres. He is from Portugal but lives in England. He has 11 brothers and sisters and is just about crazy as I am—haha. He has been here 11 months and was secretary of the mission for a while. He was recently the companion of Elder José as well. He has a lot of the same attributes that I have and our personalities are very similar.


I arrived here and I already did a division with the missionaries of Guapira so I could help them to get to know the area. They are opening the area and so they are completely lost. So I got to show Elder Barbosa my old area. We ran into a few recent converts as well. That was cool!

And so, something crazy happened to me on Monday. We were eating lunch and the secretaries of the mission call me. I answer the phone and they tell me that someone wants to talk to me. I say ok and then appear someone on the other side with a very strong Spanish accent. Who was it? Who would have guessed my own father Elder Borba from Uruguay!!! (Aka: trainer…we say father and child on the mission) I was so excited to talk to him I couldn’t speak straight.

He told me that he would meet up with me at the transfer. So, I arrived in the capital of São Paulo and he was waiting for me, all stylish, with a rented car. Hahaha—he took my new companion, all my baggage and me to my new area. He gave me chimarrão from Uruguay and we shared old memories together. It was hard to say goodbye to him again.


This week we had a baptism that was really fun to have experienced. It was the baptism of M.

The story happened a little like this:

Generally, here in Brazil we use the water for one week in the baptismal font to conserve water. But during sacrament meeting we had the sudden feeling to go and look at the font. We looked and it was all dirty and there wasn’t enough water. The baptism was scheduled for after the meetings of Sunday. So we drained the font and started cleaning it very quickly so that we could refill it before the Sunday meetings ended. When the font was full enough to turn on the water heater, we turned on the water heater and discovered that there wasn’t any gas. Water here is gas-heated. So we got all panicked and ran out to look at the two gas tanks and found them to be empty. Yikes! So we talked to the bishop and rescheduled the baptism for 5 in the afternoon.


M couldn’t be baptized in cold water because she is a little older . . .  and so we asked a member to help us and we raced to another chapel on our stake. We talked to the bishop there, borrowed the gas tank, stuck it in the back of a members tiny car, and we raced back to our chapel.



Hahaha–we hooked up the propane tank and turned on the heater. Phew! We left the chapel and returned about 4:30. We set up the baptismal room and looked at the temperature of the water. It was still cold after 3 hours! We messed a little with the heater a little and just prayed in our heads that the water would be warm enough for her to be baptized. Scheduled for 5:00 to start her baptism, we saw a miracle: the water was almost hot! It demonstrated a principle that we must show works to show our faith so we can receive the blessings. You find this passage in James.


But it was a wonderful week! I love you all and hope that your week was as colorful as mine was!



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