And here we are.

I guess since I started this thing, I have to finish it. Here we are at the end of this mission David has embraced. I have a few photos he sent this past week to share, and then before we know it, I will be on a plane to Brazil to see my son once again. It’s really quite hard to imagine.


Celebration of the veteran with his companion who just passed his one-year mark.

Despite it being his last week, he is still just doing the same things he has always done–working till he drops and making it memorable as he goes. I just love how he lives life to the fullest and then has no regrets. Truly that is brilliant.

The Lord has been good to me to lighten those in my path to accept the gospel.

I know that the Lord is satisfied with the work I have done . . . .

 because I have used my time well . . . .

I know that the Lord has prepared me for the future and won’t let me suffer
anything I cannot withstand.

Still the artist he always has been, from drawing on furniture to his animations in notebooks to creating with his hands sculptures that grace our home, he and his companion just designed these shirts for each member of the zone he leads:




He offered some great bits this past Monday in his email. To say that we are excited to meet him seems ludicrous; I’ll probably cry all the way to Sao Paulo. And yet when I picture his bright smiling face, I have to laugh out loud. Especially when he says things like this:

I hope you guys have hunger come Saturday.

Of course I was sending my sappiest letter since last October. And frantically trying to make our home feel perfect and welcoming for him when he arrives (translation: I am a crazy woman on the brink of a breakdown), in between making last-minute arrangements and pouring out my sentimental little heart in my last nostalgic letter to him in his mission. Here I sit, a near basket case. . . .

And then he nonchalantly writes, in pure David form, on his last day to write home:

my advice: relax!


One thought on “And here we are.

  1. David’s last advise of relax is a good one…just savor it all and leave your cares behind. Have a
    wonderful trip. Thanks so much for keeping everyone in the loop all these months he has served. His letters have been so inspiring.


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