Rain, cold, and no power—oh my

From June 7

A tower fell in Sorocaba and 47 cities were out of power until 2 in the morning, so I wasn’t able to write home yesterday. I’ll have to catch up on news later….



From June 13

Holy cow! I have never felt this cold in my entire mission. This whole week was very cold. Saturday night it got as low as 3 degrees celsius. I was definitely not prepared for this. People, I have lost a ton of fat on my body—so no more insulation. I have experienced basically 2 years of summer (considering the fact that last year winter didn’t seem to happen here, and before I left on my mission I had summer in the United States).


AND, it is never this cold in Sorocaba.

My body has accustomed to the heat and now I am dying of the cold. The sad fact is that its’ not even cold for what you are used to. I know this, but the last five  days have been the coldest days of my mission, with lots of wind and rain.

IMG_6433-1Outside of the coldness, not much happened this week.

Love you all! I will have more to report next week!!



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