A test of our hope and trust in God—and the result was so sweet!

From May 30, 2016


This week was awesome! We were visiting like crazy the people that we were trying to help prepare for baptism. There were three people who were baptized Sunday: K, V and J. K is 17; V and J are 11.

The real miracle this week happened in the interview with K. J and V were very excited to learn and to be baptized, and K really wanted to be baptized, but at the same time she wanted to do the right thing and was very worried about what she was feeling and wasn’t sure exactly if it was the spirit or just her thoughts. She had been taught everything and she was still very hesitant. Saturday night was her interview.

Élder Patterson, who was interviewing and talking with K about her doubts,  answered a lot of her questions. She was feeling a lot of pressure and didn’t know what to do or what feeling to follow, even though we had explained so much about the spirit and how it could help her.

Meanwhile, I was in the other room waiting for the interview to finish. As the time passed by, I kept feeling more and more worried. She left the interview and went into the bathroom. I had so many things passing through my head I didn’t know what to think. I saw her return to the interview room. (I think in the time that passed I must have said three prayers that she would feel without a doubt about what she should do.)

After an hour and a half of being interviewed, she came out with Elder Patterson and they both stood in front of me. . . . I wasn’t sure what to say yet. So when she asked me if I would be willing to baptized her, I was almost speechless—I didn’t really know what else to say, other than yes, of course.

What had happened was that when she had entered the bathroom (she didn’t plan this), she said a little prayer to know what to do. When she returned, Elder Patterson felt that she prayed and simply asked her how the prayer went. She was stunned. She started crying in the interview, and she said that she then knew that she needed to follow the will of God and she should be baptized.

When she was telling this all to me, I was so happy I don’t know how to explain. I felt so good watching the baptism that I hardly noticed that we were starving from the fast that were doing that day. I have to say that was another conversion moment on my mission for me—a big test of faith for me in an event that seems so small.


I was thinking today about how different I am now: how I speak or act in certain situations, how my actions have changed. My faith has grown so much. I was thinking about how it used to be that when something did not work out and my hope died easily, but now I have learned that when I put in more work, I come back stronger.

We passed through many small things this week that tested our hope and trust in God. After striving to do everything we could do, and literally running the whole day Sunday to talk and follow up with people, the result was so sweet! I have such a strong testimony; I’ve never felt so good about anything! It was so hard, and yet at the same time so sweet by the end of the week. My incentive is increased now. The drive is only greater.

I love you all an I hope your week was phenomenal! Our week was! The mission baptized 409 people this month. May: the month of miracles and mercies!



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