It’s warm again!

From June 20

Well, this week, the weather started to warm up again. It’s still cold, but not as cold as that cold spell that passed and froze our toes off.


This week we focused on helping Murilo’s mom (Flavia) to prepare to be baptized. She was smoking about one pack of cigarettes every day, and so we focused on helping her stop smoking. She had a thirst to learn and to read. Everything that we gave to her to read or watch, she did it, and more. She was nervous until the hour of the baptism, but she made it! She stopped smoking and she is just taking in everything that the church has to offer.


This weekend, the 25th, we are going to help Kevelin, Hudnan, Tatiane, Flavia, and others who have recently joined the church in our ward to go to the temple. We are going to help them each bring one name from extended family members who have passed away to take to the temple and help them work on their family tree.


There was a big party called festa junina that we had at the church on Friday. There was a torro . . . a bucking bronco, a trampoline, and a ton of food. Basically it was a big party to celebrate like a “hillbilly,” (I do not want to offend anyone, but that’s what they called it, haha). It was fun.


But I hope everyone is happy and excited in each and every one of your lives! And that your week was wonderful!!


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