God always was and will ever be a God of miracles

From May 16, 2016

This week was crazy!

We had interviews with the mission president; I always love to talk to him. I was happy that he was willing to just have a conversation with me and not just talk about what I need help with or about things I am doing or need to do better. I was happy for a conversation rather than a business meeting you could say.

One more baptism!! I will explain:

When H was baptized, his mom, T, didn’t want to be baptized at all. Not even a little bit. So this last week we just kept praying in hope that something would happen and we just kept giving her stuff to read in the Book of Mormon. We were kind of losing hope for her. So that was basically it.

This week we were planning to help J to be baptized. He was rock solid. He kept all his commitments and was progressing like crazy. Sunday morning, the day of his baptism, something happened in his family and he couldn’t go to the baptism.

We decided to follow up with T Friday night. When we arrived, the atmosphere was different in her home. She was happier and the Spirit was stronger than the last time we had visited. We noticed when we walked in to her house. We were waiting to know what had happened differently. That was when she explained that she read Mosiah 18 and had felt very strongly that she needed to be baptized, and so she decided to be baptized the next day and was waiting for us to arrive in her house to tell us. We explained that we had felt something different and that she could be baptized the following Sunday. So that was it.


God always was and will ever be a God of miracles. We did all we could to help J to be baptized, but when he couldn’t, God provided someone else.

This was an awesome week.

Love you guys!


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