It’s official: September 6 this all comes to an end

Every once in a while I get to post my own words. After all, this is my baby—this blog vehicle to share all of David’s letters and experiences. Today I am excited to announce that Tuesday, September 6 at 2:57 pm, we are bringing David home to Medford. He will be so happy to see everyone again when we land in the Rogue Valley!

I probably shouldn’t really start in on how I feel about all of this since I could start rambling and would likely wax sappy. This mission thing has been more enlightening to our entire family that we imagined, and on so many levels. And it’s absolutely fantastic to watch David progress through his service, diligence, and perseverance. Yada, yada, yada, right? But we are also ecstatic to have him back with us!

We can do hard things, and we learn and grow the most from being outside our comfort zone. Of this, I am certain.






2 thoughts on “It’s official: September 6 this all comes to an end

  1. Elder Burt é uma pessoa aparentemente muito boa junto com seu companheiro Cunegato.
    Porém fiz muitas perguntas a eles e me responderam na boa,
    Mas eu Alison e meu companheiro marcamos uma conversa para sabermos mais sobre eles e a igreja e não fomos atendidos,pois o dia combinado era 16/05/2016 mas eles deixaram o celular desligado pois tentamos ligar várias vezes mas não os achamos.
    Gostaria de conversar com vocês antes de sua partida.

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    • I apologize that I can’t reply in Portuguese! I emailed Elder Burt and let him know you want to talk to him. He said he would love to talk to you but does not have your phone number. He said to please call him if you have his number, or else give your phone number or address to me so I can pass it to him and he and the other missionaries can find you.
      Thanks for your note! 🙂
      Lisa Burt


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