The rise

From April 25, 2016

I am certain that everyone has felt like they have been in a rut that they couldn’t get out of for some time.

This past five weeks was exactly that for me: five weeks full of sweat, blood, tears, and emotional bruises. I haven’t had the time yet to reflect about exactly how I feel and think about what has happened these last five weeks, but I definitely can explain what has happened this last week.

I promised last week that I would look for the miracle that would happen . . . and it wouldn’t be another week in the mission field without it.

This transfer (past five weeks), my companion and I have been passing difficult emotions of patience. We have had trouble finding the chosen people that God wants us to find, the miracles, the people who are dying to have the gospel in their lives . . . and the joy that comes from finding someone who has been waiting for you ever since their birth to hear Christ’s doctrine. They just weren’t there. We looked so hard, prayed so hard, cried so hard, asked for help—and nothing was going right.

But I started thinking about these last five weeks and what has come from them. I have noticed that the possibilities and opportunities to teach, help, and baptize have been increasing, although we thought they hadn’t yet. I started to notice that God is waiting for our patience and has been giving hints to the fruits that are to come. This week we started to see these possibilities become parts of realities.

We found a family of eight. The mother of the family is named T. She has seven children and is separated from her husband. Her son is in prison, but the rest of her kids live with her. We started to teach this family and everyone accepted baptism dates. M, who is six years old, even plans to be baptized in two years.

In the same neighborhood we found K, who is 14 years old and lives with her three brothers and her mom. She grew up with her dad and is not accustomed to living with her mother. This situation has been causing much difficulty for her and how she is trying to manage her life.

She also accepted a baptismal date and desired to know more about the church. She explained a little about her past and we explained to her about how the church is a family, Christ’s family, and how she is welcomed and is entitled to comfort by the Spirit always. She accepted our help and wanted to go to church Sunday.

We coordinated with a member of the church who has a big van (rare here in São Paulo) and we planned to take everyone to church. T had to visit her son in prison that day, but let her older son go with all her kids to church with us.

It was a sight: the missionaries walking up the hill to the gate with six people following us, sprawled across the road, all dressed up, and everyone watching us pass.

How wonderful to once again help people feel the Spirit that is at church and to share something so sweet and uplifting to those who really need it after five long weeks of almost no one listening to us or visiting the church.

I am very grateful for this blessing that the Lord has sent us and the blessing to help those in need after a long time of looking in the dark. It looks like the rise is coming of what can be a wonderful light after a long time being locked in the dark.


Photo credit to Mike Robinson (

I hope your week was wonderful! Mine was! A lot to think about.


This is our zone in Sorocaba.


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