The coldest week and three more baptisms

From May 2, 2016

This week was the coldest week on my mission. There were reports that it got as low as 12 degrees Celsius (53 degrees Farenheit). I caught a cold. I am shivering every day and I am wearing three layers. I never believed that it could get this cold here! But I am thinking in perspective about how I have accustomed to the heat here. I think that I have accustomed more that I realized.

Before I left I was in the summer in Oregon. I arrived here just in time to catch summer again at its worst . . . better yet in a drought. When it started to get cold in the capital of São Paulo, where I was, I was sent to Sorocaba, where winter didn’t happen all year; it was really hot. When it started to get cold in Sorocaba, I was sent back to the capital where it was turning to summer again. I lived that once again and then I arrived here where it was hot until this week. I am freezing every morning in the shower. Hahaha–I had forgotten this feeling of fresh cool air on my face. I have a feeling that going to Oregon and arriving in the fall is going to be hard.

I am teaching myself English again.

We had three baptisms this week in T’s family, about which I would love to explain, but it will have to be next week because of logistics and planning from this week.

I love you guys and I hope your week was awesome!!

Elder Burt


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