Mercies and miracles

From May 9, 2016

This week was a little bit crowded.

We had the leadership council this week and President Farnes conveyed something really cool to us. He gave us M&Ms and told us that May is the M month, the month of mercies and miracles. He told us that we all should look to be the miracle and mercy to someone. In doing so, we will be able to recognize all the small miracles and mercies that are given to us. So every time that we are a miracle or mercy to someone, we get to eat one M&M. Hahaha. Cool right? He showed us this video and told us that everything that we do will come back to us.

This week was very cool. The family that we are helping is so wonderful. Every time we arrive in the apartment complex, all the kids come running to meet us in the parking lot. This week the older brother of the family was baptized, Hudnan. Of this family now four have been baptized. They were all confirmed Sunday.

I was very happy with the opportunity to talk to you guys on Mother’s Day!!!


Bad connection, worse photo, but fantastic to see his smiling face!

I am very pressed for time. AAAAH! I am dying to tell you about everything, but I can’t today. I hope you guys are not frustrated too!!

Love you!
Elder Burt


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