It all depends on who is willing to get up one more time

From April 18, 2016

Did I mention that it’s hot here? I can’t complain; I am getting a wicked tan—hahaha!


This week we started going to the far ends of our area. Really. Far.

There are these places called CDHU that are like public housing and very cheap. It is great because we can talk to a ton or people in a very short time. The only difficulty is that it is really far from the chapel. But for the people who are looking for Christ, this should be an easy test of faith.

So we got the place—we just have to find the right people.

A few recent converts moved to our ward and we started teaching them so they can go to the temple this Saturday. They are very good people. The couple used to be pastors in a church and when they found the missionaries were converted. Because they gave a cup of water and let the sisters enter their house, they are now baptized and will have the privilege of entering the temple. This family is great. They have already gotten the missionary spirit and have started inviting people to church that live next to them. We scheduled with them to meet their extended family as well. We will see what happens. We are getting lots of referrals from them. They are very excited.

The possibilities keep seeming to grow, but the fruits aren’t falling quite yet. Just have to trust more in the Lord and continue giving it all we’ve got. Like Elder Holland said in this past conference, you can’t ever stop or slow down, or you lose your vision and the big picture of everything. It all depends on who is willing to get up one more time, who is willing to give that last pushup, who will look for people the last five minutes in the day or who is willing to knock on the last door. Maybe God is waiting for more of me. Gotta hit the turbo or it isn’t the same sensation. I hope your week was amazing! I love you all.

There is going to be a miracle to tell this coming week. I just gotta find it for you all!!

Élder Burt

P.S. Here are some photos of us at the São Paulo Temple:





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