By following the example of Jesus Christ

First of all I will tell you about the dream of André I spoke about in my earlier post on March 5. I asked him and his family for permission to write about their family, and they said to share everything!

So in the last post I told about André’s dream. He said that he was dreaming about himself and his family. They were all together in a lake, and he was looking at his family as they were all waist deep in the water praying, and he was watching them. All of the sudden, he said that he went under the water, when he came back up, he and his family were all around a big cauldron. Inside this cauldron was a bottle of blood. He said that this bottle of blood was poured all over his head. After that the dream ended. As I explained earlier, at the time he told us the dream, he asked us what it meant. I had had a thought that popped into my head “from nowhere,” and we told him what I felt that his dream meant.

We told him that the water signified the baptism that only he went under, so he was the first of his family to be baptized, and that the bottle of blood signified Christ’s blood that was spilt for us during his atonement so we could receive a remission of our sins. In the dream, we explained, he received this on his head because he received the gift of the Holy Ghost for the remission of sins and he now has taken part of the atonement—because like it says in John 3:5, they who aren’t born of the water and of the spirit can’t enter the kingdom of God . . . and so those who were baptized and also receive the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands will receive remission of sins. We basically explained the symbols of the dream to him. Then, I thought again about the dream, and thinking that it seemed a little unusual, I had asked him what he felt about the dream. Like I said in the other post, he said that he felt a sense of peace and calm. We explained that we believed it was the Spirit testifying of the truth. That was when he said he wanted to be baptized that week, which he was.

Now here is the rest of the story of Marcos (André’s father) and their family:


After the baptism of André, one of André’s uncles, who has frequently visited the church, came to watch his baptism. One week later, Marcos informed me that this uncle had been touched at the baptism and subsequently accepted the missionaries to teach him. He was baptized the following week. He lives in another part of São Paulo, so I didn’t go to the baptism, but I know that he was happy in his decision.

This week, Marcos and his family were baptized. Victor is going to seminary, and Nelma managed to enter a college to study radiology. It was an experience that was very rewarding to see this family in all white Saturday night.



I know that this family will be very happy by following the example of Jesus Christ. I hope that in a year I will be able to return to Brazil to see the family sealed in the temple. After the baptism, they made a big cookout! Hahaha


We also helped L be baptized this week.

We were walking in a viela (alley) in the evening about a month ago and we started talking with a girl named L. She had a lot of doubts and questions, and I had felt rather impatient trying to answer all these questions and doubts that she had for us that had nothing to do with much about what we had to teach. We sat there in the viela for about half an hour just answering all these questions, but I kept having this feeling like I needed to continue answering all these random questions. Finally we hit our curfew hour and we had to go back home. We invited her to come to church and told her that we would meet her there. Usually when we say this to people they never show up.

So we hadn’t specifically remembered that we had invited her—of the seemingly thousands of people we invite the same way—until Sunday afternoon when we got a call from her. She asked us why we didn’t pass her house to show her how to get there Sunday morning. We were stunned. We made an appointment with her to visit during the week and she made all the effort I have ever seen in someone to make it to the lessons we scheduled with her. She traveled by bus for two hours to listen to us.

Despite all the doubts she had, and all of her questions, I now know why I had the feeling that I should answer them all. She continued to learn until she was baptized Sunday. She was so happy that she was baptized, despite her previous doubts and fears, that she wanted to get baptized again! Hahaha. Like it says in Alma 32, she was very blessed with feelings of light.


In all, this week was amazing. I hope it was for all of you as well!


Elder Burt


One thought on “By following the example of Jesus Christ

  1. You are so inspiring, Elder Burt…Your posts are always something I look for and I gain so much from them. Saying what you did about L and all her questions I was reminded of how excited and how many questions I had when I was investigating the church all those many years ago. I would get one answered then two more would pop up to take their place.

    I’ve shared with my Primary class about what happened to me the night before I was baptized but want to tell you, in case you can use it. I wanted to be absolutely sure I was doing the right thing so before I went to sleep I prayed to Heavenly Father and asked for confirmation. I told Him if this was not what He wanted for me to let me know because I never wanted to go against His wishes. I felt wrapped in love and am so glad I have that wonderful memory because I know with every fiber of my being that this is His Gospel.

    You are certainly doing your best on your mission. I’m so happy for you because you will take this with your your whole life…it will color your college years and your future family as it has with my son Jeff. Keep writing these great posts…they build my testimony too. I love you.


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