The fruits of a little blue book

This week went very well!


I thought I was going to die from how slow it started, but it started picking up pace, and Saturday and Sunday we were flying to all places!

I will tell a story of a family that we have been helping, but it starts with a girl from another part of São Paulo whom I only met Sunday.

This girl has been a member of the church her whole life, but from what she told me, she never really told anyone else about her church. She decided that she wanted to go to an EFY-type program that teens attend for five days to help them learn more about the gospel.

She went to one of those programs, and at the end of the five days they challenged her, and each person there, to give a Book of Mormon to someone with her testimony written inside. She took the challenge and then gave it to her uncle Marcos.

I met Marcos and his family three Sundays ago. Because of this book that he hadn’t read yet, he brought his entire family to church: Marcos and his wife, Nelma, and his two sons, Vitor and Andre. I met them there and asked if we could visit them in their home. They accepted.

We went there on Tuesday and they had tons of questions about how they should read and study the Book of Mormon. I didn’t know at that point that they weren’t members of the church yet, and so I asked them how long they had been members, not to be abrupt. That’s when Nelma said “not yet…” with the hint that they wanted to be baptized eventually. Elder Sukhee and I got all excited!

We started to explain what the Book of Mormon is and how they could study it. We taught them the restoration of the gospel and about the organization of the church. I have never seen an entire family so interested in the message that we had to give. We left them with a chapter in the Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 31, to read with the family and pray about it. If you guys want to know what’s in this chapter, go read it! I’m not going to tell you! 🙂

The next time we went to their house we followed up and they said they loved it!

We taught them the gospel and invited them all to be baptized. They all said that they wanted to be baptized, but they didn’t want to set a date for it. So we left them a suggestion to read 3 Nephi 11 and told them to pray specifically about baptism.

We visited them again, and they wanted help understanding what this chapter (3Nephi 11) was about. We explained to them answers to their questions, and then invited them again to be baptized, explaining that if they didn’t have a goal with all their studies, they weren’t going to go anywhere. This is so true in life. If we don’t make goals, where are we going? We are basically like Alice (Alice in Wonderland) when she asks the Cheshire cat which path to take. The cat asks her where she wants to go. She responds by saying she doesn’t know, and then the cat says, “Then it doesn’t matter which one you take.” If we don’t have goals, it doesn’t matter what we do. We will arrive somewhere, but it probably won’t be where we want to be.

They understood and the whole family accepted a baptism goal date for the 20th of March.

In addition, we asked if anyone had received an answer to his or her prayers since we had last visited. André, who is 11 years old, said that he had. He described to us a dream that he had. I don’t know if he will want me to share the dream, so I will ask him first and get back to you about that next week. But he described the dream and asked us to explain what it meant.

Out of “nowhere” (but we all know it was the Spirit), we got a clear picture of the dream and what every part meant. We told him that it showed André being baptized and receiving the remission of sins through the gift of the Holy Ghost.

He said that the dream, although a little different, brought him a sense of peace and calm. We taught him that that feeling is the Spirit testifying of the truth. He told us that he didn’t want to wait until the 20th of March to be baptized, but he wanted to be baptized this week. So, we scheduled it for Saturday, and he was baptized as planned and received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday (the next day).


The fruits that can come from a little blue book with a testimony are incredible. I will also challenge you to do the same. Give this book to someone you know who may need it, and it will bless his or her life immensely. This story also gives a wonderful example of how we should use prayer in our everyday lives. Prayer is a tool and also a way to talk to our Father in Heaven. When we pray we receive personal revelation as to what we should do in our daily lives. Prayer is also the way we let our Father in Heaven know how and what we are feeling or thinking.

I know that through prayer we talk to our Heavenly Father and he talks to us through the scriptures.

People, pray and read your scriptures. . . . It’s kind of important.

I love you all and hope that everything is going well!
Elder Burt


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