Tidbits from David’s area of Brasilandia

I saw peanut butter for the first time here in Brasil in Walmart. Walmart here is a store for the rich. It’s very spiffy, and more expensive.


A couple of Saturdays ago was our zone’s trip to the temple with all the recent converts. There were not as many as Jaçanã the last time with 57 people, but we brought a good 30 new members to the temple. They all loved it, of course.

My companion is Elder Sukhee, and he is Mongolian. He speaks five languages and plays whatever instrument you can think of. It’s awesome to have him teaching me how to play my guitar. Together we are the zone leaders here in Brasilandia.


This is our area of Brasilandia.

Remember the hole in the wall at the school where we found Rodrigo? Well, here it is:



Our mission leadership council (David is in the top left, back row.)


This dog will break his neck to get some good neck scratchin’!


The favela at night


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