Amazing testimony in the youth

It is so amazing here, and it’s awesome to have the blessing of serving here in Brasil. This week we helped a boy who is 11 years old to be baptized.

His name is JV. We found him and his family in a viela (alley) that is hard to not pass. He lives with his grandparents. He is awesome; he asked to be baptized the moment we talked about baptism. He loves soccer, and so we took him to play with the young men Saturday. He loved it. He was baptized the following Sunday.


It is amazing to see the testimony in the youth because they have such a strong testimony and sometimes they don’t even know it.

Without us asking, he asked God if he should be baptized and he said he got an answer. His testimony was so strong that he invited his mom, who doesn’t live with him, to go to church to watch his baptism. She came and watched. She loved the church, loved the baptism, and accepted a visit from us this week. So we will go to her house to visit her and explain about the gospel.


Does anyone see a correlation in all the miracles and the invitations we extend to people? It’s incredible.

These experiences make me so much more determined to not be afraid to share what I know about our Savior with whomever when I return. Who knows? One of them could be baptized.

I love you all and I hope your week was amazing!!

Elder Burt


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