The miracle of sharing the gospel with your friends

From January 25, 2016

This week was fun!

Let’s start from the top! So I went in to get the results for the blood exam at the hospital. It. Took. Forever.

They went to get the results. After they came back confirming my name, then they asked for my document, and in the end they returned with a little piece of paper. I looked at it, and it wasn’t anything near to the blood exam that they had sent a week ago. So I started opening my mouth.

To make the story short, what had happened is that the doctor who had ordered the exam to be done didn’t do all the paper work, so basically, only a part of the exam happened. So guess what? I got to be blood sucked again, and then I sat over the nurses and watched them do the paperwork. I can’t believe I gotta babysit nurses doing their jobs. What a drag. So I left the hospital mad and short of blood.

But let’s talk about the good stuff. . . .


I got to do a division with Elder Hunt again!!! He stayed with me for three days.  We had a blast! Among teaching and preparing people to be baptized, we managed to eat pizza, açaí, and avocado milk. (If nobody knows what that is, I will make it when I get home so you can try it.) But we were like a spiritual fire in the streets!


If I didn’t mention, Elder Hunt started his mission in this area, and so he had several reflective moments during our time together about the start of his mission, what he had accomplished, and all the feelings and thoughts. He had a lot of memories. We visited a few of his converts and he showed me a few places that I could work. It was awesome. We shared a ton of memories from when we were in Cachoeirinha and what we had done there. It was cool to work with him again.


This week, the two pairs of us here in Brasilandia (four missionaries in total) baptized seven people. Remember Franciele and Rodrigo from last week? Well we worked with Natalia (their sister), and their friends as well.



Last week Franciele had invited a friend: Thainara and her sister Maiara. Thainara had watched the baptism and wanted to be baptized on the spot, but we had to teach her, so we invited her to be baptized with her sister Maiara. So we helped those two be baptized as well. So in total we baptized four people and the other missionary pair baptized three, one of which had been going to the Lapa ward one year straight, there in the São Paulo East Mission. At the baptism a ton of people from that ward came to watch. This is the miracle of sharing the gospel with your friends. A simple invitation can change someone else’s life.


Well, that was my week. I love all of you guys and hope you have a good week too!!


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