We found him in the hole of the school’s brick wall.

January 18, 2016

I hope you guys missed me this week, because I have to say, I sure missed you guys. I especially missed the blessing of having Dad in the house to give me medical advice when I needed it.

I have never been to the hospital so many times in one week in my life! I had to go in Monday to do a blood test. And as everyone in my family knows, I get squeamish with needles. . . . I just don’t like it. I can deal with it, but I just don’t like that little piece of metal entering under my skin. So I went in Wednesday to get the results and they told me I would have to come in the next day to do two more.


So I returned the next day and this time they did two tests. I swear they took about a liter of my blood. It felt like an hour that I was sitting in that chair with that needle in my arm and that syringe-bottle resting on my arm. The hardest part was that I could feel the bottle resting on my arm start to fill with hot liquid.

I made the mistake of looking.

After I saw the bottle full of my own blood I started to wonder if they were trying to make me a clone or test for dengue. Mesmo assim (Even so), I sat there and waited until they finished and left. I felt quite like this Dilbert comic that I read a few years back.

I will get the results next Thursday, so we will see.

This week we baptized two kids: F and R. We had been looking for another person and we followed directions to a playground at a school, where the person had told us we had to enter through a hole in the wall. We at least wanted to find the hole in the wall, and when we got there we found R there sitting in the hole of the school’s property brick wall. So we asked him were he lived and we went and marked dates with him and his sister, F. She is 9 years old and R is 11.


They went to church with their mom Sunday and we taught them until this Sunday. It was really funny to see them in the white jumpsuits because we didn’t have any smaller, so we had to roll up the legs. Hahaha. But they were really happy to be baptized, so they went and told their other sister, whom we will try to teach this coming week.

I guess I have learned a few more songs on the guitar.

Love you guys!!



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