Dengue: Only MOSTLY dead

January 11, 2016

Well this week will be summed up really fast, because there was almost nothing that happened. I hope that you guys are praying for me because I’m going to need it.

So the week was going great, I started up P90X again; we were working hard and everything.

We had the leadership council with president, which is always cool because he always gives a smashing training.

Foto Conselho de Liderança

Arrives the big Friday. I got up with a little bit of a headache. I decided to do P90X anyway, but ended up starting slow so I got about 10 minutes of it. It was a little chilly that morning, but it was getting hot fast so I didn’t think much of it. Since Friday is weekly planning, we were in the house planning for everyone. As we started to lunch, I had that kind of headache that you get from contacts, so I took them out and started wearing glasses, but it didn’t help much. On the way to lunch I started feeling weird because it was hot like crazy, but I had the shivers and wasn’t sweating much at all. We got to the member’s house and I couldn’t eat; I didn’t have any appetite whatsoever. I sat down on the couch while my headache got worse. We finished lunch and I couldn’t stand it anymore. My headache was like a sledgehammer pounding on my skull, I felt all weak, cold, and dizzy, and I had pain like crazy behind my eyes. My companion helped me back to the house slowly and we got there in 1.5 hours. At this time I thought I knew what it was: a fever.

I took my temperature, and sure enough, a fever of 103.4°F, so I lay down, tried to drink water and couldn’t down much of it. And basically I just slept on and off the whole day. About 8:00 at night I woke up and took my temperature again. It read 101.4°f, so I thought “Oh good, it looks like its getting better.” However, my headache was even worse, I wasn’t seeing clearly, and I was feeling dizzy, groggy, and almost like throwing up. So I felt I’d better go to the hospital. I got there and we started going through the process to be checked.

When the doctor talked to me he looked rather surprised and worried at the same time. He said that I had all the symptoms of dengue fever. So they put me on an IV, took my blood and made me do a urine test. After that I sat in the chair with a needle in my arm.

I was annoyed that the IV wasn’t one of those good flexible tubes but one of the hard needles, so every time I moved my arm it hurt like crazy. It was around 10:30 at night, so we advised the secretary of health that I was there and I continued on the IV.

When it ran out they took me to get X-rays of my lungs, which I thought was weird, but I dont’ know that much about dengue. . . . . Then they sat me down in another room to wait for the doctor’s counsel and the results of the exam while they pumped more stuff into my arm.

Next thing I know is that the doctor is talking to me telling me that its most likely that I have dengue and that during the week I will have to come into the hospital various times to be poked, stabbed, and blood sucked, so they could make sure that I have dengue. What a blessing. Not only that but it was 11:00am Saturday, so I had spent the whole night in the hospital!


What I did notice is that some time during the night I had managed to ripe out the IV in my arm . . . so it wasn’t there anymore and they had already given the medication that I needed and so they didn’t bother putting it back in.

We trudged back to the house and fell onto our beds, almost dead.

I went to take my temperature again to see the improvement and noticed a small miracle that could have saved my life.

Remember the last time I had read the thermometer and it read 101.4°f and I felt that I should go to the hospital anyway?

Well when I turn on the thermometer it always shows the last temperature that was taken. I turned it on and it showed 107.4°. I don’t know what the temperature is for someone to die, but I am sure that is pretty darn close. It seems that in my state I hadn’t seen the numbers clearly, but thankfully I had felt that I needed to go to the hospital anyway. I am so glad that the Lord is on my side or I could be in a coma right now!

Now I am fine—just a few remaining pains in my joints and a minor headache. I went to do another exam today, so I got to be pinned with another needle and it looks like the platelets in my blood are very low, which is a major sign of dengue, so I have to continue doing these exams throughout the week. I am up and tomorrow I will be working again.

Yeesh, what a week. I hope yours was better. Hahaha



2 thoughts on “Dengue: Only MOSTLY dead

  1. Well, I can’t hit like because I don’t like how you have been feeling at all! I am so glad you are better though and that you went to the hospital…glad you have common sense. So many do not. Hopefully this will be a better week but you should take things slowly and not try to do too much. I’m working in the temple office each Thursday and will be putting your name on the prayer roll. Love You…Sister Markham


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