Living in the Favelas of Brasilândia, São Paulo

And so, this week was very much typical “the mission.”

Like a return to reality: from all the dinners and talk of Christmas and fireworks and eating and devotionals, arrived New Years Day and we still had to work.

It was exhausting.

So I am here ( I moved after Christmas) in Brasilândia, São Paulo. The edge of our area limits is border-lined with the limits of Cachoeirinha. So I already know where I am, sort of.

Yes, to respond to your question, Mom. I am in and living in the favelas. But don’t worry. It’s very calm here. But it is funny that I have lived in the top four areas that have more favelas in them than others in the mission.


New years passed without any events. I set an alarm and woke up with my companion to see the fireworks but then went back to sleep. Whichever way, we needed to wake up in the morning and work. So we watched for tem minutes and then went back to sleep.

My companion is Elder Stott. He is from the factory: Utah. He has three brothers and all in his whole family are members of the church. He is thin and wears glasses. Every time he presents us to someone at a doorstep he says that we are brothers and that he wasn’t as lucky to be big and strong like Elder Burt, but is small and a nerd. Hahahaha. I don’t know why, but it makes the people laugh.

We are the zone leaders in the zone Pirituba. We didn’t have a baptism planned so we worked like crazy to find and teach someone.

When I was in Cachoeirinha, I was with Elder Hunt on a division and we found a lady that he baptized in his first area . . . who is really old. I don’t know why I remembered that, but now that I am in the area that Elder Hunt started his mission, I found her again. So we started helping her son to be baptized. He is pretty old as well and had about three teeth. He had various problems in his life, but he managed to turn them all around in order to be baptized. He was baptized after the meetings at church and was really happy. I felt really good seeing the look on his face when we started the meeting. Our week was hard work and difficult to talk with everyone, but the Lord blessed us with someone who was prepared to baptize.



I don’t have much else to say other than that the gospel can help whatever person. That person just has to take part of it.

Love you guys and I hope you have a wonderful week! I will write more next week!!


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