The last mission Christmas

Well everyone, Christmas passed one more time. The last Christmas on the mission . . . what a strange thought.

I am glad that I got to Skype everyone at home on Christmas Day. I got the package that the family sent, together with all the letters that I received. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts. I really miss everyone.


Thanks to this kind family who let David stay all day on Christmas and Skype home. They also bought the missionaries all their favorite American sodas as a special treat.

This week was interesting. We had a Christmas conference with the entire mission, so I got to see everyone—all my companions—except for Elders Borba and Cerantonio because they already went home. We sang a bunch of hymns with messages about each one, and then we had a talent show that was a little funny. (Imagine all missionaries making jokes about stuff that happens on a mission. Sometimes it was funny to watch and sometime hard to watch.) Afterwards, our mission president gave us a present (a shirt), and then we returned to our areas.



Christmas—what craziness. The other elders of our area arrived at our house early to study with us and exchange presents before lunch.


Gotta love the hoof bottle confusion look. Elder Knudson wrote, “I got him a sweet cow leg bottle!”

I was happy to open my package finally that was sitting in my kitchen taunting me for a week.


The family had to send David a hound for Christmas.

I was super entertained with a mini laser gun my brothers sent—until  Elder Knudson broke it the moment pulled it out of the package. . . . But I opened it up and fixed it, so it’s all good (hahaha).


David bought himself a Brazilian guitar so he could finally learn to play.

But since I said everything on Skype. I’ll just send you the photos.

Love you guys!!!


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