Two hospital visits and no baptism

The first week of December was not so great for David with two visits to the hospital, but he’s okay now. To sum up: an infection, chest pain, an allergic reaction, and new friends on a first-name basis at the ER.



. . . And with my luck, Saturday morning, I woke up with the chest pain stronger, my hand swelling up and my tongue as well. Yikes!!

So I got to go to the hospital emergency room again saying, “Hello, how is it going, good to see you again so soon; did your son win that basketball game?” Because all doctors and nurses know me now.

. . . And to put an icing on the cake, because of these emergencies going to the hospital, we didn’t get the chance to follow up with the person who was going to be baptized this week, and so he wasn’t.  So that ends a nine-week streak of baptizing since general conference.

Bring on week 1!!!

So I’m fine; what about you guys? >:)




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