A new house and kite wars

And so, this week (November 30) was interesting because we moved into a new house. The mission is starting to rent this new house in our area, and this house is HUGE. It has three stories: the first floor has the garage, kitchen, bathroom with no shower, and a room to wash and hang clothes. The second floor has two rooms, a study room, two bathrooms with showers, and a deck. The third floor is unfinished, but has potential to have one more bathroom, one more room, a family room, and, it already had a bigger deck than downstairs.

The possibilities in this house are endless. I am excited for Christmas because in this house it would work to do a barbecue again. For now, my new companion is Elder Blaylock. Let me explain.

After email last week, I got a call that there would be an emergency transfer, and so, Elder Leite will continue to train Elder Knudson, and the elder he was starting to train, Elder Franco, would go to Sorocaba. I will receive a missionary from the same group as Knudson (he arrived the same time). And so, in our ward, there are Elders Knudson, Leite, Blaylock, and Burt. Elder Blaylock is from Maryland.

And so, it goes on.

This week we have been living without a stove or oven, without microwave or fridge, and still, without a washing machine to wash clothes or a desk or table to study.  Luckily we had beds. But, thankfully, everything that the mission ordered arrived today, and so I will finally get to keep food in the house that won’t go bad. Hey, I can start eating breakfast and dinner again! Almost forgot that existed!

This week we baptized C, who was, in the end, baptized before church very early. She commented that she would fall asleep in the water because she woke up so early. But that is all right.


Today was a day with a little wind, and so what did we do? We went to fly kites on our roof. This is something horribly popular here in São Paulo and it is a sport. There are always people flying kites. You know why? Because they have kite wars. The whole neighborhood had kited up today with string that cuts other string. And so you battle with the kites trying to cut other lines and try to catch the kite with your kite. It’s a battle of the city, and it was fun to try after seeing for a year, everyone doing so in the street. I can say that I lost all 10 of my kites but one to the hunters of our neighborhood that I don’t even know. Dang, these guys are good!


I hope you all are well! I certainly am . . . and yes, finally my hair grew back!!! Alleiluia!!

Love you all!!!


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