Pie war: I got destroyed.

I don’t write much in English anymore, so forgive me, but I will try my best.

These last two weeks had a few things go on. We planned a missionary activity for the ward to bring new investigators and friends. I created the invitations.

Gincana da guapira 2

Turns out that nobody could come. . . . So the few kids who came had a pie war with the pies that we had made to have a cream pie contest—where you answer a question and if you don’t get it right, the other person slaps a pie on your face.


I got destroyed. My companion got a pie in my hair while two other kids got my face and ears filled with cream. It took nearly half an hour to get it all out of my hair that night. Hahahaha!



I forgot to tell you guys that our chapel is the chapel mais famous in Brasil. The church pamphlets in Portuguese have the photo of our chapel on them.


Elder Diniz had a birthday yesterday. I had taken a ton of photos but I think my SD card got a virus in the LAN house today, and so I don’t have very many pictures. This is the woman from church who made him a birthday cake. 




Saturday was awesome. We received a referral to find a family that might want to learn about the gospel. We weren’t finding the street, so we started knocking on doors. We found them—a family of five that lives almost under the street the way their house is built. We discovered that G, a teenager in this family, plays soccer at the church every Saturday. We invited the family to go to church Sunday and they accepted. We passed by their house in the morning and all of them were all ready and waiting for us. This is rare. They loved church.


I hope everything is going well at home! I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Burt


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