To see the light in their eyes

And so, last week was a little crazy. I didn’t get to write you guys because Monday was moved to be a normal day and our p-day was moved to Tuesday so we could go to a devotional at the MTC here in Brasil. It was very strange to be back there . . . like returning to a dog kennel.

Hahaha, just kidding! The MTC is amazing! You really feel the Spirit like none other place there—but sometimes you do get cabin fever.


But I will write fast and try to get as many events that happened as possible.

The devotional was about serving our missions, of course. It was the first time that the meeting was being broadcast to the United States, to Brasilian wards, and to most of the young men in Brasil. There were three members of the Quorum of the Seventy there (Elders Costa, Eidukaitis, and Mazzagarde). They spoke about the vision that we need to have going into the mission field and the fruits that our missions will bear. Elder Costa invited two families to speak at the meeting: a family who was baptized in December and preparing to go to the temple, and the other family one year and three months being members of the church, having just gone to the temple. These people bore testimonies and it was cool to see the light in their eyes. 

I do have to say that the most gratifying thing about the mission experience is seeing the lives of the people baptized move to something greater.


All the missionaries in the capital of our mission got to go and also those of the Brasil São Paulo West Mission. 

After almost one year, I got to see Elders Clegg, Bradshaw, and Bingham again. (They were in my zone in the MTC in Provo.) Hahaha—that was a hoot!


Another funny and sad event that happened this past week: we were teaching a lady one day and I started to get strange looks from her. I looked to my companion and found him staring at me. So, I politely asked why and my companion said that my lip was starting to swell up. What the heck? for no reason at all, my lip started to turn into a banana. Because it was so fast, I decided that it could be a allergic reaction, so we went to the hospital. The whole way there, my companion couldn’t look at me without laughing. Everyone passing in the street couldn’t help but stare. It was horrible but hilarious. So they drugged me in the hospital and until today I haven’t had a problem, but I am afraid that I know what caused the allergic reaction—I have an allergy to grass. Possibly it could be something in the chimarrão that is causing this. Since that day, I haven’t had a problem, but here in a few days I can make some chimarrão and see what happens . . . hahahaha.



So, Elder Paulino is in my district and I got the chance to do a division with him. It is interesting how well you can get along with someone that you haven’t seen for a while. It was cool to work with him again. I saw Elder Cerantonio the other day. He has only nine more weeks until he completes his mission.


What else? Most of these weeks have been boring. If you have any questions, just ask!


Love you guys!



2 thoughts on “To see the light in their eyes

  1. Hi…I used some quotes for earlier e-mails that your Mom shared with me for my lesson yesterday. It sure helped me put my point across. It was about when you were first in Brazil and the language wasn’t coming across as quickly as you wanted…the Holy Ghost helped you with them and you had the gift of tongues in a few situations. I always enjoy your posts and pray often for you. 🙂


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