Don’t waste time—you never know what is waiting for you at door #7.


This week I have a cool story to share with everyone—a story about not wasting your time even when you have just a little bit left. Push to the end!

Last Saturday, we were working like crazy. Saturday is generally very difficult. We need to talk to almost all of our investigators in our area and remind them to go to church the following Sunday, and so Saturday is very busy for us. This Saturday we finished all our visits with people who had the slightest desire to go to church. We finished in a part of our area where there was one street left to knock on doors. It was 8:30 pm, half an hour left in the day, and at this time of day, nobody wants to listen to us.

We decided to use the half hour that we had and knock on doors instead of just walking back to the house. After going to six houses, we knocked on a door and a young woman appeared, about in her mid 30s. We explained that we were missionaries, like we always do. Before we said anything else, she invited us in and told us to sit down while she got some water. We entered and sat down, and to be honest, we were a little surprised and on guard. But she brought us water (which we didn’t drink until after we made sure she didn’t want to drug us—as we learned from one of our past experiences), sat down, and asked us what we wanted.

Again, we were taken off guard. We explained that we wanted to share a message with her. Her little boy then walked in and sat down next to her. We started to explain the gospel of Jesus Christ and that everyone needs to be baptized. Their names are V (woman) and Á (little boy).

When we said that, she said: “Oh, I am already baptized.”
Us: “Oh cool. Which church?”
Her: “Your church.”
Us: “What?”
Her: “Your church—the Mormon church.”
Us: “Really?”
Her: “Yup!”

My companion and I shared a few surprised glances and then continued the conversation. We learned that it had been 13 years since she has gone to church, and that she wanted to return but didn’t exactly have the resources to do so. A year ago, the elders passed her house, but she wasn’t there. Her son, who is 9 years old, told us that he wanted to be baptized. We couldn’t believe what we were hearing. 

The two came to church the following Sunday. We continued to teach them that week. We challenged Á to be baptized and he again said that he wanted to, but he wanted to get to know the church better. We talked a little with his mom and discovered that he wanted to be baptized really bad, but he had a fear of water.

So, together with his mom we tried to help him overcome his fear of the water so he could be baptized. We scheduled a practice at the church. We would go to the church, take photos, and we would practice baptizing him so he could get comfortable with the water. When we were getting ready for real, I asked him if he still wanted to be baptized, he said yes. I said: “Ok, let’s do the practice.” We entered the font and did one practice, saying the prayer and all, but his foot left the water. I said: “Let’s try one more time.” We did it again. When he came up I told him that he was baptized. He said: “I was??? Yaaay!!!” With a bit less formality (like people watching and a program, as we usually do) on the baptism day, he wasn’t afraid and so was able to be baptized as he desired.

He was super happy. I asked him how he felt and he said that he felt the best ever … very light. And he was very happy afterward.


He was confirmed Sunday. Happy as ever.

Don’t waste time in the least amount. You never know what is waiting for you at door number seven.

We also had a baptism of a little girl whose parents can’t hear or speak. It was an enjoyable challenge to teach and communicate with the family, but she was happy to be baptized as well. I have now learned through Portuguese the super basics of sign language…. 


Never give up when the challenge raises his head. Just go for it. Get ‘er done!

Love you all!!!
Elder Burt


At the São Paulo Temple


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