I will never get used to the magnitude of miracles on my mission. They always leave me in awe.

Hey y’all!

An entire third of my mission is over!! Já ERA!!! I have a little less than 2/3 now! Wow, time passes fast! It’s amazing!

Last p-day was an adventure. We got the chance to drive out to interior Brazil to fish and shoot a bow and arrow at the house of a member. We had a big barbecue that was delicious….



A little bit of gloating here: I was getting some of the best scores shooting—hahaha—but that’s only because I have had a little practice.

This week was much more calm. Thank heavens we didn’t have anyone give us nasty water again or anything exciting like that, but we did come across a miracle.

The week before this past week we knocked on over 706 doors to find people to teach.  In doing this, we were able to find a small group of people who are ready and willing to hear our message.

Among this group of people is a small family. Robinho, who is the father, Cristina, who is the mother, and Maria Paula, who is 13 years. This family was very receptive when we knocked on their door, so we scheduled another time when we would have more time to talk with them. When we returned to teach them, only Robinho was home, so we taught him about the restoration of Christ’s gospel and His plan of salvation. Because we told him what we believed and he had found what we believe to be correct in the Bible, he invited us to come back another time. We gave him a Book of Mormon, explained all of his questions, and then we left.

When we passed by again, he was working, so we invited him and his family to church. They didn’t show up on Sunday, but that Sunday night, we felt that we needed to visit him again. So we went to his house and he wasn’t there—but his wife and daughter were there (Cristina and Maria Paula).

When they saw us, they immediately smiled and were very happy to see us. We had only talked to the two of them briefly the first day that we found their family, but not any more. So we were a little confused when they were all smiley to see us.

It had been four days since we gave Robinho the Book of Mormon. Cristina picked up the pamphlets that we gave to Robinho and started reading. She started reading the Book of Mormon when she found it on the table the day we gave it to Robinho and she had already read to the book of Mosiah! She said her husband didn’t tell them about the invitation that we had extended to him about coming to church on Sunday. But she had also read the pamphlets about the restoration and the plan of salvation. She told us that it is everything that she has been looking for in her life and she wanted to know a few answers to her questions. We answered her questions and, although she was already baptized, she asked us if she could get baptized in our church!  She said that they wanted to get baptized as fast as possible because she knows that the Book of Mormon is true and also our message that we had to share. She then bore her testimony about the Book of Mormon being true.

Christina already has a very strong testimony about the Book of Mormon. Incredible. The two of them have a date to get baptized the 13th of June. She said that she would convince her husband until he would be willing to be baptized.

Then she went on to describe how she had prayed that we would pass by that night, and shortly thereafter, we showed up.

I almost couldn’t believe it. If we hadn’t gone to her house that night, I don’t know what would have happened.

Miracles are happening, and God is moving the hearts of the people with His words speaking from the dust…. And through the Bible and the Book of Mormon, His prophets are testifying to us from their graves. All that we as missionaries have to do is find the people willing to read these testimonies. I am finding that I will never get used to the magnitude of miracles on my mission. They always leave me in awe.

I invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon. I have seen the changes it can make in the lives of people. The teachings and principles that it holds can change people, lives, and eternities. I know this is true. If anyone wants to read the wonderful words of this book, just ask any member of the LDS church who you know. 


I love you all and I hope that your week is wonderful!
Elder Burt


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