May 4: First week being a trainer and a district leader

This week was crazy!!! I’m gonna explode!!

I have so much stuff to do now. Generally whenever I am in the house now, I am on the phone with some member of my district or the zone leaders. Portuguese is so hard through the phone!!!!!!


Being the district leader is difficult. You have to worry about everyone in your district and keep track of your area at the same time. This is especially difficult to do when you are doing divisions all week and working in other areas. It is very difficult to keep track of everything. This is why we have callings in the church and we complete our calling . . . not someone else’s. This is also why the church has order—so you can do your job and everything flows.

I am also training a new missionary now. Elder R. Silva is my new “son” as we call it here. He is a very good worker and has had lots of practice before his mission where he lived in northern Brazil. I am noticing that teaching him to teach is helping me learn how to improve my teaching skills as well, especially knowing that he will become a missionary according to how I teach him to be. It just goes to show how dangerous being an example can be; if you mess up, many others can mess up with you.


So focusing on teaching my companion according to what I think is a great missionary and focusing on three other areas other than my own, I curl up on my bed each night and die. I am exhausted. But nothing worth living for was easy, so I can take it.


I was explaining to Neide the purpose of our callings. You receive a calling to serve others, but you receive that calling specific to you in that period of time.  Your calling will always be somewhat of a challenge—and when you get good at it, it will change—because if it is always the same, we never grow, and if it is too easy, we never learn. When we get comfortable with our callings, we get a new one so that we can grow even more. It’s stuff like this that I am learning on my mission that I probably would not have learned as quickly if I hadn’t come on my mission.

We had a meeting this past week with the  São Paulo East Mission, and I saw Sisters Bundy, Cordner, and Johnson from the Provo MTC there.


I love you all and hope that you do what you need to get done!!!

Elder Burt


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