I love my mission!!!

Today’s post is compiled from the past couple of weeks’ letters.

And so, the great summary of my mission continues. It is hard to write these emails . . .
because I never know what to write until I start writing and they just kinda write themselves.

This week has been simple. Normal teaching and very typical mission life.

Our miracle this week didn’t happen until Sunday. It happened like this: before sacrament meeting, we had talked to our friend João, who is a priest (16-18 years old), about a teenager that we have been trying to baptize for a long time. His name is Paulo, and he has been going to church every Sunday, but for some reason he delayed being baptized—even though his parents have been baptized already.  We told João to talk with Paulo.

So in the middle of sacrament meeting, João went to talk with Paulo. He said:

“Paulo, I brought my baptismal clothing to church today. I am going to baptize you today. Okay?”

Paulo responded, “Okay. I will be baptized today.”


After sacrament meeting, everyone surrounded him and was congratulating him on his decision. So João baptized him after sacrament meeting. Awesome.

This goes to tell you that “every member a missionary” isn’t just some catchy phrase. It’s true. . . . We baptize so many people here because of our ward.

I love my mission!!!


Today was p-day and the day that we spent with mission president. For the month of March, our zone confirmed more people than any other zone on the mission. So for p-day we got to have a picnic with him and his family. He bought us lunch and we hiked to the top of Mount Jaraguá. It was beautiful and very scenic—another park/tourist place to go here in our mission. It was awesome because I used to do a lot of stuff like that at home in Oregon.



I was one of two people to run non-stop the final stretch to the top and I was the first one up there. Ha!


It was a lovely day to spend with the mission president.


I tried a tuna pizza the other day . . . and it was pretty nasty. I don’t think I will eat another tuna pizza on my mission again. We have got to figure out the chocolate crust on the dessert pizzas though—it is to die for.

That was my week, people!!! Any questions?


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