The gospel is true, people — believe it.

Because of spring break, this post is from the past couple of weeks. I will post more updates throughout the week.

Trabalhando até o pó!

This means that I am working very hard (translated: “working into the dust”).

I cannot express how much I am loving this place. I could spend my entire mission here.

IMG_1358ariston companion.-1

One baptism: Alexandra, who wanted to be baptized a ton, and not even her family deciding to not come stopped her. All the opposition hit her like a cat can hit a brick wall.


We had an investigator of ours this week ask us to get baptized the first Sunday she ever came. She asked us before she even went to church if she could get baptized that coming Sunday because she knows the church is true without a doubt. Her name is Rayssa. You will get more info about her in the mail.

All I am able to say is that when we are keeping the commandments and doing what Christ has asked us to do, He will bless us with so many blessings that we literally can’t take advantage of them all.

I know that by serving my mission I am blessing my family and my future family. Everything I learn here will help me become a better father and a wiser person when it comes to leading. My family is blessed right now with protection. I know that God will protect my family while I am here and will help guide them in their righteous desires. Anyone who comes with us for one day cannot deny that the work we are doing is true and that the people who accept our message receive blessings beyond their comprehension. I love this work, and though I miss my family more dearly than my tiny brain can take, the gratifying work here is just enough to bless me with the drive to push forward in the hot sun, knock at one more door when a door gets slammed in our face, and bless the next person we see when we get curses thrown in our faces.

The gospel is true people — believe it. If you can’t believe my words, go read the Book of Mormon. Without the words of that book and the Bible, I would just be another sunburnt teenager in Brazil.


Speaking of being sunburnt, my hair is getting more and more blonde every day. People keep asking me if I dyed it, and it is a real distraction to some of the girls that we are teaching.

I am not in the least bit joking.


This segunda feira I had the opportunity to go to the Monument of Independence in São Paulo. All the Brazilians living with me (everyone in the house but me) told me that the monument is a half lie, but it is cool anyway . . . so we went. We went on our p-day and it really was a cool thing to see, but the museum nearby was closed, so we ended up sitting in the park until we fell asleep on the bench.

IMG_1491 IMG_1498

The only reason I justify myself sleeping on a park bench was because it was p-day and we are in Brazil . . . nobody cares. Hahaha

Love you and miss you all!
Elder Burt


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