It is raining, if you haven’t noticed

So, it rained every day this week. There was so much water that some highways had lakes up to my knees. I am trying to keep my shoes from being destroyed, but they seem to like water. I think when I get back to the states, I will have to apply for a patent for a water magnet. I get home each day and make a puddle in our room with all the water. I got a video of all the water raging through the street, but it is too big of a file to send over email.


Last week a man’s car was stuck in a knee-deep river of water from all the rain, and so we pushed his car close to a quarter mile out of the flood–sacrificing our shoes and everything. I didn’t get a picture of that rain because it would have ruined my camera. This is another street full of rain water.

After the first day of being completely soaked, my companion got sick. I guess he isn’t used to the rain. I don’t like rain either, but I refuse to get sick from it. He was sick for two days, so I got to do a two-day division with Elder Hunt.

Men in Black: Elders Hunt and Burt on the loose again in São Paulo

We worked like crazy trying to get all the baptisms to go through. It was difficult to schedule because we had stake conference as well.

Men in Black: Elders Hunt, Burt, and Arais

Elders Hunt, Burt, and Arais

Also on P-day last week, we went to the gym again. Elder Hunt and I bought a maracuja Fanta to celebrate. I have never seen this flavor before, but then again, I did not see pineapple Fanta until I went to Tonga.

As a follow-up to my last story, Jani is awesome. He has an amazing testimony of the Book of Mormon and will be baptized eventually. He is asking us to be baptized every time he talks to us. The problem is that he needs to get married. He is living with his girlfriend, Raiani, and they both want to get married and baptized together. They just need to be married first. This is where our problem is. He is a Finnish dude trying to get married in Brasil. This gives us time problems. He doesn’t know how long he will be here, and I do not know how long I will be in this area. We are trying to help him all we can. He will be baptized for sure, the only question now is when.

Sadly, I do not have any great teaching experiences to share this week. It happens. It was a very long, boring week.

"By the jungle, I saw this  sign that says: CAREFUL! cobras, spiders, and scorpions."

By the jungle, I saw this sign that says: CAREFUL! cobras, spiders, and scorpions.

Elder Hunt and I found a great deal for popcorn. One Real for 500g of popcorn. Super. Cheap. We are now addicted to popcorn and eat a batch at least once every night. We also found diet Guaraná. So obviously we are pigging out on that as well.


Our family’s Sunday night popcorn tradition has been officially adopted.

I love you all and hope you all had a good week. I hope I will have better experiences to share with you next week. This week was really dry.

Elder Burt


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