It is a different world

This week has been so nuts that I haven’t even written a single full sentence in my journal. I have just been getting used to the different workload, my new companion, and running the show.

My new companion’s name is Elder Cerantonio. He is from Argentina and is 22 years old. He is a ton more mellow than me and likes to play soccer–logically.


The week started with the transfer. Elder Borba left me!!!! Aaaaagh!!!

Here in the mission, we call our trainers our fathers. So Elder Borba was my father.


It was really cool to receive photos of him returning to his family. It made us all almost cry.


Anyway, now that Elder Borba is gone, I found out that I am talking a ton in Portuguese, and as a result, my Portuguese has improved dramatically in just five days.

When the transfer started, my new companion was named to be the senior companion, but once we started walking from the mission office, he literally told me that I could lead and he would follow if I wanted to. So basically, I have been the senior companion for the last five days. My, is it ever different from being trained. I teach the better part of the lessons, make a ton of contacts, work a ton more with all the forms. . . . Man, it is a different world and a lot more work. My companion is a little dull when it comes to showing excitement, so a lot of my energy has been put into animating him for his mission. He has been on his mission a little over a year.

I am exhausted.

I have been trying so hard to scramble for a baptism this week and work with people who are ready but do not feel ready. At the end of the week we had nobody. However, after returning to the house, I made a call to someone I remembered two weeks ago who was going to get baptized but never showed up–an 8 year-old whose mother who was a member, but was not fully active. She answered the phone, said that she didn’t show up last week, and then told us that she would come the next day to get her daughter baptized.



To me, after I hung up, it showed me that God really does appreciate our efforts and can see it changing us, even if it doesn’t seem like we are making a difference.

So she came to church on Sunday and was baptized. I almost right then and there got the husband of the family to be baptized as well, but in the end, I ended up setting a baptismal date for him in two weeks.

It is very different leading discussions. I am learning how to use my words correctly and learning how to talk to people in the right way to be baptized. It is very humbling to know and realize how much work we actually have to do. I didn’t really realize that as a trainee.

My testimony is growing a ton and I am seeing the hand of the Lord in our work more than ever.

I will keep working and trying to have some crazy experiences!!!


Love you all!
Elder Burt


2 thoughts on “It is a different world

  1. Wow David- you are a shining example of a missionary. So proud of you for getting the language down so fast and being a trainer. You ROCK! Stuart is having the time of his life and is very happy with his companion. They’re teaching lots of lessons and getting stuffed on French food. He LOVES France. I’m so proud of both of you! Susan


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