Not many things happened–except the miracles

This week was the birthday of São Paulo. As you can imagine, it was nuts. I had several encounters with drunk people and many interesting experiences. And no, I didn’t get my hand pulled off again by any drunk people. Other than my experiences with all the drunks, not many exciting things happened.


This random goose in someone’s doorway startled the crap out of me! I was not expecting at all to see a goose in a doorway in Brazil.

We did work more in Elisa Maria this week, and as a result, got to work in a little bit more of a scenic place. We have also been working a lot in Damasceno.


The more scenic Elisa Maria area with Elder Borba


Owl graffiti from the top of Elisa Maria scenery

On Saturday, Elder Hunt and I were together (because someone needed to be interviewed), so we were doing a division. We realized that we did not have a cell phone with us. We ran and chased down the other elders to get the cellphone. As we were walking to our lessons, a drunk lady stopped us and asked for help with her life. As it turns out, she was an inactive member of our church who wanted to change. She had seen us running to catch the other elders and followed us. She explained that she wanted to stop drinking, but she didn’t know how. She asked us for help several times. It was a miracle for her that we forgot our cellphone and had to run to get it–and that she saw us, and in her drunken stupor, followed us and asked us for help.


Good thing Elder Hunt and I have been doing the tire workout.

We had another miracle happen the other day. We got a reference to someone’s house, so we visited this lady named Francisca. She had been taught by the missionaries before and had gone to church, but then had moved and lost contact with the church. Her daughter was already baptized as well. We visited her that day (Saturday), got her an interview that same day, and then we baptized her on Sunday. We had known her for two days and we got her baptized. What a blessing for her!


Our baptism of Franscisca

We are experiencing miracles here, and it is amazing to see the hand of the Lord in the work.


A venomous flower on the church grounds–is it a bird of paradise?

I miss all of you and hope to have more exciting stuff to share next week!


With love,
Elder Burt


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