The week of the drunks, a haunted house, and two baptisms

Man, has this week ever been a strange one! 


Elder Burt and Elder Hunt in Cachoerinha

For some reason, I have had quite a few encounters with drunk people this past week.

The first encounter was this dude in the street who was talking to two other guys. The two guys were trying to talk to him with patience and without laughing too much. As we passed by he asked us if we would listen to him. Logically, since we are missionaries, we stayed and started listening. He sat down on the hood of the car behind him, took off his shoes, and started jabbering about random stuff. After a minute, one of the other two guys tried to interrupt him to say, “These are men of God; they don’t want to hear about you going swimming. . . .”

Then again he tried and failed: “These men have the word of God—”

I shook the drunk dude’s hand and said goodbye. I started walking and realized he was still holding on to my hand. I did not know how to say, “Let go of my hand,” so I pointed at the wallet he had gotten out to show me and said, “Look! That is yours!”  He let go of my hand, looked at his wallet and I quickly walked away.

This other drunk woman tried talking to me about the Bible when my companion was in the bathroom. She was asking me to open my Bible. I answered and told her that I would once my companion came back out. When he came out, I explained the situation, he laughed, and then he started reading out of the Bible really fast. She kept saying to slow down, but my companion just kept reading. When he was done he said thank you and goodbye, and started to leave. You would think I would have learned by now, but I shook her hand and said goodbye. She too kept holding on to my hand. 

What is with drunk people and holding hands? I do not get it.

This was going through my mind as I wrenched my hand free and left: “My, my, that was an interesting experience.”

Something else happened to all of us on p-day. Elder Hunt and I were at the house because my companion (Elder Borba) and Elder Zenteno left to play a little soccer at the church. When I left with Elder Hunt to do email, I had the feeling that I should leave my wallet. I brought enough money with me to pay for the internet and left my wallet at the house. After emailing our families, we switched companions again and went to teach people. I thought nothing else of my wallet until I returned to the house that night. Elder Borba and I returned to find Elder Hunt and Zenteno slightly pale and freaked out. Turns out, they had almost gotten jumped by two guys in the street, but Elder Hunt had the feeling to run. I will leave the details out of the story, but they almost got jumped. They said that they returned to the house and they were hearing strange noises and stuff was happening that was just weird. I shared what I had felt that morning and Borba shared that he had wanted to get out of the house but did not know why. We shared a few more strange experiences that had happened that day, along with the fact that none of our lessons went very well. 

Elder Zenteno shared true stories about missionaries having troubles and strange stuff happen to them in the same house that we were living in: The house of the Cachoerinha Area. It all hit us at the same time that the house had never been dedicated. We said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to bless the house for missionary work and for the spirit to reside with us.

After that, we never had another thing happen. Very strange.


Home sweet home

The weather this week has been die hard killer. We get sun all day with not a single cloud in the sky, and then in the space of one hour around 6 pm, we have literally seen thunder storms materialize in front of us and the rain just pour down. This has happened every day for the last five days.


Crazy summer evening weather

This bizarre weather happened again on Saturday and it started hailing the size of quarters. When the hail stopped but it was still raining, we realized that we were not going to get home without being soaked and we were not going to get anything else done. We took off our shoes and started running around, in the church parking lot, playing soccer, in the pouring rain. We had just baptized two people who had worked really hard to prepare themselves for baptism and the week was over. Why not get wet? That was probably the happiest I have been for a long time. We did this for a little while, then we put our shoes on and went home. 


Two baptisms this week

Oh, and my new nickname is “yogurt” now — just because of the way you pronounce “Burt” in Portuguese.

I love and miss you all!! I cannot wait to share my experiences with you next week!

With love,
Elder Burt


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